Foodie Events September 2012

Hi! This is Raven from Cook Eat Delicious! updating The Food Blog Diary!

If you would like to see your event here for September please Email your foodie event, giveaway, or competition to for submission. Send a link to the post announcing your event along with a paragraph explaining the event, end date, and a logo! Once received I will post it up here
immediately! Looking forward to what September has to offer the food bloggers!

The Bake Fest @ Zesty Palate
Hosted by: The Mad Scientist's Kitchen
Ends: September 30th
Bake or Broil your favorite recipe to enter into this month's bake fest! Savory breads or biscuits or a sweet cake or pie. Whatever you desire to bake up is eligible for the Bake Fest!

100th Recipe Giveaway!
Hosted by:
Win a KitchenAid Mixer of your color choice by celebrating the 100th Recipe of
What a better way to celebrate than to giveaway my favorite kitchen tool?! A brand new KitchenAid Mixer is a wonderful addition to any kitchen!

Hosted by: Cook's Joy
Theme: Peaches
Ends: September 30th
Desserts complete meals and this event has peaches as the star! Cook up your favorite peach dessert to enter & win a cookbook!

Taste of the Tropics
Hosted by: Nivedhanam
Theme: Coconuts
Ends: September 30th

Cook something with Coconut (vegetarian and no eggs) and join us in the event!!! September is a great month for tropical foods ending the summer and heat! Looking forward to all great coconut recipes.

Seafood Feast
Hosted by: My Spicy Kitchen
Ends: October 7th

Summer is a great time for fresh seafood. Seafood feast is an event to have as many seafood recipes as possible in one place. Cook up your favorite seafood dish and submit it and see what others are cooking around the world!

Alpha Bakes
Hosted by: Caroline Makes
Ends: September 25th
Theme: P

Submit your favorite baking recipe with the key ingredient starting with the letter P! The options can be endless so put on your thinking caps and get to baking!

Classic French
Hosted By: Blue Kitchen Bakes
Theme: Choux Pastry
Ends: September 28th
The challenge this month is to use the given recipe for choux pastry to create something sweet or savoury. Get creative with choux!

Serve it-Microwaved
Hosted by:
Ends: September 30th
Theme: Cooked food in a Microwave
Turn off your stoves and ovens because this event is strictly limited to using your Microwave for all cooking purposes. Mix, whip, or blend up something spectacular to cook in the overlooked Microwave & send in your entry.